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Message from the President


Hello Fellow Supply Chain professionals!

I was installed as your President the June Board meeting and I want to send my greetings and express my appreciation to you much for allowing me this great privilege.  Let me begin by apologizing to all for missing the May dinner meeting.  At that time my home was close to several wildfires, and for the sake of safety I stayed home.  Thankfully, we weren’t evacuated and our home stayed safe.

Let me first acknowledge that our Board is back at full strength for the first time in several years, and I am very encouraged by that and by the great teamwork I’m seeing.  It’s a fantastic leadership team.

A bit about my goals for our Affiliate this year:

First and most importantly – membership.  We’ve lost membership for several years.  My # 1 goal as your president is to reverse that trend - but doing that requires your help.  There are two things I’d like each of you to do:  first, with the motto “Each One Bring One” I’d like each member to influence one coworker to join our Affiliate.  Second, I’d like to ask that each of you pick out your best local supplier and persuade them to join us as well.  Suppliers are supply chain professionals too!

My second goal is to populate our Committees.  First on this list is re-establishing a membership committee with a chairperson and three members.  Second, I’d like to bring every existing committee up to four people.  To accomplish this we need to add three people each to our House, Administrative Support, Website Management and Professional Credentialing committees.  We need to add two people each to the Marketing and Educational Resources committees.  We need 20 volunteers – and we need them NOW.  The real work of running this Affiliate takes place in the committees and we need to staff them up to full strength.  Please contact me and let’s discuss where you can volunteer.

My third priority is to support our Affiliate’s efforts to grow professionalism in the field of Supply Chain.  This is an ongoing goal.  Our ISM-Orange County mission statement is: 

"Providing opportunities for the development and growth of supply professionals." 

As a part time college professor for almost 20 years, I take developing people very seriously – so this one is near and dear to my heart.  I believe there’s more work to be done for us to achieve our mission.

Here are some of the things your leadership team and I are working on:  we’re converting your brainstorming suggestions into action plans – stay tuned.  We are actively pursuing two cross-marketing arrangements with local Universities – UC Irvine and Brandman University.  We have re-launched the ISM-OC Corporate sponsorship program and have already signed up two new sponsors.  We’re in conversation with the two Universities I mentioned a moment ago to persuade them to be our sponsors, too.  Merle Roberts and I are working together to package up a “CPSM Prep” program that could be run on-site at any of your companies.  We’ve run five of these programs at my company, with great success.  Lastly, we are adding Student Memberships to ISM-OC and hope to bring on some student interns to assist on our Committees.

There’s much more on my mind – but these are the big three items.  All these things are very possible – but I need your help to do them.   I’m asking you personally, to please volunteer for one of our committees.  They’re great networking opportunities as well as resume-builders.  Once we have the people-power we need we can quickly return our Affiliate back to its former glory.  The economy is turning around now - and we must turn with it.

THANK YOU for the GREAT PRIVILEGE of serving as your President.  I would love to hear from you.


John Bachofer

President, 2014 - 2015


(760) 518-9727





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